Carrot Banana Cake

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Carrot and banana are awesome ingredients for a cake.You can make it banana carrot cake by adding 200 g banana with 100 g carrot or carrot banana cake by adding 200 g carrot and 100 g banana.Do either way its perfect......I preferred the second one....

Plain flour-175 g
Brown sugar-175 g
Salt-1 tsp
Baking powder-2 tsp
Bicarbonate soda-1 tsp
1 cup condensed milk
Sunflower oil-175 ml
Grated carrot -200 g
Mashed banana-100 g
Chocolate or peanut butter-150g
For icing
Unsalted butter-125 g
Icing sugar-250 g
Vanilla paste-1 tsp
Whisk condensed milk and sugar in a bowl together until the sugar has dissolved.
In another bowl add sunflower oil,plain flour,salt ,baking powder baking soda,carrots and banana.
Mix ingredients of first bowl with other and add chocolate or peanut butter( can be replaced with 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder or orange zest).
Put it in a greased baking tin.Cook it at170 degree for 40 minutes.Cool completely before decorating.
For icing ,mix all three ingredients gently and apply on top of cake.Serve chilled.

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