Black Forrest Cake

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This was the cake I made for my daughter's Birthday . She was asking for Black Forest since long so I decided to make it on her Birthday. For the basic chocolate sponge cake I had followed the recipe that I learned from Gayatri's  Space .  Instead of eggs a combination of milk and yogurt along with boiling water makes the cake soft , spongy and moist . Thanks Gayatri for this wonderful recipe . I didnt get a chance to click the cake after cutting as there was so much rush and all her friends were asking for more cake. This was my first experience of making a cake for my daughter's Birthday . She was so happy and asked for Barbie theme for next Birthday.So let's start the recipe . yum

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake

Black forest
Black forest
500 g Whipped Cream
2 cup canned mixed fruits
1/4 cup glazed Cherries
1 /2 cup Chocolate Shard/Gratings
1 teaspoon Silver Sprinkles

Prepare 2 chocolate sponge cake as per instructions in my previous post . I have prepared one in round pan and the other in floral cake pan. Divide the round cake into two equal halves with the help of sharp knife.
Cool the cakes before frosting .See my previous post to know the process of whipping the cream. Place the first layer of floral cake on the board and coat it with whipped cream . Arrange chopped fruits in the center and sandwich with other layer of round sponge cake.Coat this layer with whipped cream and again place chopped fruit over it's top.
Sandwich it with the remaining layer of round sponge cake . Finally coat it with whipped cream.
Make a piping bag with ziplock bag and start piping the sides , make floral designs on the top.
Arrange cherries over the flowers , decorate with silver sprinkles.
Scribble the top and bottom with chocolate shavings . Place in refrigerator to set.

Black Forest cake..
Black Forest cake..
Allow it at room temperature for 15 minutes before serving.

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake

Eggless Black Forest.
Eggless Black Forest.

Cut in slices and enjoy. I couldn't get a chance to click the cake after cutting . 

Serve-10. Total time in preparation -3 hours

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